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Conquer the open water!

Conquer the open water!

What we do

Swim Open prides itself on providing a range of training and fun activities for existing and new open water swimmers. We work with you in small groups or one to one to help you exceed your goals in the open water. If you are training to complete a triathlon and need to improve your open water swimming or it has always been something you wanted to try then get in touch.

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Mark Coronato

So glad I signed up! Kat and Tom have been amazing in breaking down my technique and helping me to complete my first Ironman. Out with the old (bad) habits and in with the new. Who knew that swimming, when done properly, could be so effortless.…

Ian Andrews

Swim Open have enabled me to achieve a long-held goal of swimming confidently across open expanses of sea, something I had thought I could never achieve. I had previously found swimming for long periods in the sea tiring and disappointing,…

Caroline Hudson

I’m part of my university Triathlon team and I race competitively. I took lessons with Tom to improve my open water technique and to gain a competitive advantage for the upcoming Triathlon season. The lessons were really beneficial and my…

Mark Hudson

As an experienced Ironman triathlete who has been competing for more than a decade I thought I had nothing left to learn. However taking part in the Open Water Experts course has totally revolutionised my open water swimming. Kat’s expertise…

Mia Sullivan

I signed up to do my first triathlon to raise money for charity. The only problem being that the swimming part was in a lake and I’d never swum in open water before. I joined the OW Virgins course with SwimOpen and it as really great, we started…

Charlotte Post

I’d never tried open water swimming before but I joined the OW Virgins course with SwimOpen and it was absolutely fantastic - I’d highly recommend it. I’d always done a bit of pool swimming to keep fit but i’d never actually tried open…

Tim Smith

Would thoroughly recommend Tom as an instructor.  I hated swimming lessons at school, being shouted at from the side of the pool is not a great way to learn.  I wanted to relearn swimming to improve my fitness and I was very lucky to have…

Michelle Sheppard

I grew up on the South East coast in South Africa, swimming daily in my childhood, but hadn’t been swimming at all during my time in London - around twenty years! Whilst I wasn't a complete beginner, I didn't think of myself as a strong swimmer…



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