Michelle Sheppard

I grew up on the South East coast in South Africa, swimming daily in my childhood, but hadn’t been swimming at all during my time in London – around twenty years! Whilst I wasn’t a complete beginner, I didn’t think of myself as a strong swimmer and – even though I wanted to – I lacked the confidence to swim front crawl in either swimming pools or open water.  After less than three months working with Tom in one-to-one sessions, I find that I am stronger in the water than most of my contemporaries. His patient and clear instruction worked on my particular technique, significantly improving my endurance with the direct consequence that my confidence has improved – both in and out of the water.  Following on from Tom’s personal training, I am happy to swim in the open sea again and found my love of the water completely restored. Importantly, with a clearer understanding of my capabilities, I am able to challenge myself without taking unnecessary risk, and I credit Tom for tailoring his tutorship to the swimmer, rather than blandly tutoring one ‘how to swim’.