Open Water Beginners

The Course

Open Water first-timers step this way! On the Virgins course you’ll learn fundamental open water skills and also how to adapt your swim technique for wetsuit swimming. By the end you’ll be swimming with confidence and with style out there in the open. So go get your wetsuit on and prepare to be exhilarated. Chlorine and crowded swimming pools are now things of the past.

What You’ll Learn

> Getting in and acclimatising to the water (remember we’ve banned the word cold!)

> Keeping your face in the water (its harder than you think)

> Adapting your stoke for wetsuit swimming (don’t forget about good rotation)

> Swimming straighter (one of the most important skills to master)

> Introduction to sighting and racing tactics (on your marks, get set…swim!)

> Your first full circuit in the open water (you’ll smash it !)


Before joining the Open Water Virgins course you should be able to confidently swim at least 100m front-crawl in a swimming pool.


We have a partnership with the Zone3. All our swimmers get a discount off the amazing Zone3 wetsuits. Email us for more details!

Upcoming Courses

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August 3rd – 24th

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September 7th – 28th

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