Open Water Improvers

The Course

This course is specifically designed for novice triathletes and open water swimmers who want to learn technical open water skills for racing scenarios. We focus on adapting your stroke for the open water alongside developing key OW racing skills such as drafting, sighting and turning. You’ll be race-ready in no time!

Groups are capped at 8 swimmers and we’ll be sure to give you in water demonstrations.

What You’ll Learn

>  Controlling breathing and cold water acclimatisation

> Adapting your stroke for the open water

> Developing an effective sighting technique

>  How to swim straighter in open water

> Drafting and swimming in close proximity

> Turning around buoys quickly and effectively

> How to pace yourself in a long distance swimming event

>  Navigating a course under pressure with increased speed

> Maximising swim pace using open water swimming techniques

> Race your buddies! –  Timed Swim (400m or 750m)


To join this course ideally you will have some open water swimming experience and should be able to swim 400m in the pool with confidence.


We have a partnership with the Zone3. All our swimmers get a discount off the amazing Zone3 wetsuits. Email us for more details!

Upcoming Courses

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August 3rd – 24th

(Saturdays 7.30 – 8.30am)


September 7th – 28th

(Saturdays 7.30am – 8.30am)